Researchers in the Inclusive Technology Lab at Northwestern University investigate new computer interfaces to support communication, social interaction, and the developmental needs of people throughout the lifespan. Much of our work focuses on understanding and designing technology involving individuals with disabilities and older adults.

Through a human-centered approach, we engage in a variety of research activities, including field studies to understand the needs of various populations, iterative design of new technology prototypes, and evaluation of these prototypes through laboratory studies and long-term field deployments. Our work depends on partnerships with clinical practitioners, educators, and families in the local community. You will find lab members studying technology use and human behavior in therapy clinics, schools, and homes.

We are seeking outstanding students to join our lab. Please contact Anne Marie Piper if you are interested in research opportunities related to natural user interfaces, assistive technology, or educational technology.

Our research is funded in part by the National Science Foundation through a CHS Medium Award (IIS-1901456) and CAREER Award (IIS-1551574), a Delaney Foundation Grant, and the Robert and Kaye Hiatt Fund for Research in Media, Technology and Society. Our work has previously been supported through an EAGER Award (IIS-1533340) and Cyberlearning Award (IIS-1522921, project website).

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